2016 Finishes

Back to School Wall Quilt January 2016
Cocoa Door Banner January 2016
Cottage Garden Quilt January 2016

Buggy Barn Pineapple Quilt January 2016
Snowball Fight Table Runner February 2016
Plant Kindness Mini Quilt February 2016
 16 Pixie Baskets for Secretary's Day February 2016
Sunshine Bucket May 2016
 Sweetheart Baby Quilt May 2016
 Home Sweet Home Door Banner June 2016
 Lucky Shamrock Door Banner June 2016
 Summer Sunflower Door Banner June 2016
Birdhouse Door Banner June 2016
 Beach Hut Mini Banner July 2016
 Pumpkin Harvest Mini Banner July 2016
 Campfire Mini Banner July 2016
Scrap Dance Tango Lap Quilt July 2016
 Butterfly Garden Quilt July 2016
 Modern Herringbone Baby Quilt August 2016
 Love Blooms Here Quilt August 2016
 Kindred Quilt September 2016
 Be Thankful September 2016
 Go Go Binding Kit September 2016
 Cottage Pillow September 2016
Bloom Quilt September 2016
Monogram Zip Pouches October 2016
 Bonnie and Camille Zip Pouch November 2016
 Embroidered Jingle Wall Hanging November 2016
 Modern Nine Patch Baby Quilt November 2016
 Tulip Tea Towel November 2016
 Sewing Date Traveler Bag November 2016
 Ugly Christmas Sweater Tablecloth Quilt November 2016
 Flower Tea Towel December 2016
 Flower Tea Towel December 2016
 Tulip Tea Towel December 2016
 Tulips Tea Towel December 2016
 Bear Tea Towel December 2016
 Pocket Pin Cushions November 2016
 Go Go Binding Kit November 2016
Go Go Binding Kit November 2016
Pineapple Mini Quilt December 2016

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  1. Hello! your Back To School quilt just knocked me over......I just love your work! you do all you do and still make all of these beautiful Quilts....I think I did more when I use to work than now.....Looking forward to watching what you do next???Happy Thanksgiving...:) :) :)


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